A beautiful poem written and inspired by my painting Cosmos Flower Meadow

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or this beautiful poem inspired by my original painting Cosmos Flower Meadow - it really is beautiful and inspiring 🌸💗💜💜

Wild explosion
In my mind
sprang a memory,
of a bright
summer’s day.
Where clouds
so pink
in the skies
came to play.
Butterflies gathered
left pupas behind,
set out for life,
wild, flowers to find.
And the meadow
awaited their arrival
this day,
a wild explosion
of nature desperate
to stay.
There in the sun
all up to command
yellows, whites and pinks
sought to take a stand.
In summer’s music
wild flowers did dance
and the world by the
scent was once more
Kit Duddy
Inspired by a
Painting by
Siobhan McEvoy Art